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Getting Past the Roadblocks that Stop a Business from Growth and Prosperity

Small business owners were not all born with the skills and knowledge to build an extraordinary, wonderful and profitable business. They have an internal drive to become entrepreneurs…but along the way, may be called upon to do things not in their professional skill sets. 

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In my 40 years of coaching entrepreneurs, I have never found an entrepreneur who is highly competent in: financial management, and sales and marketing, and human resources, and leadership, and operations.

Until a business is large enough and profitable enough to have the resources to hire experts in the areas the owner lacks, the business may have a lag in its growth, or even stall completely.

There are two huge roadblocks that stop business owners from obtaining the skills, knowledge, systems, and right people to reach success: 

  1. The first roadblock is the lack of time the owner has to work on the business. They are so involved with the day-to-day operations. Most are working too many hours—which may be affecting their home/life/family balance already. Spending all their time working IN the business is killing its growth.
  2. The second roadblock is the lack of skills and knowledge of what to work on and when, and how to implement new tools and techniques to develop smoother and more efficient operating systems and processes. 

Many small business owners have a basic recognition of the concepts needed to change their approaches, but without the specialized experience and knowledge they lack the ability to make the needed changes.

Their fallback style may be one of fearing change so they settle and continue working IN the business.

Once the time is freed up to work ON the business (rather than IN the business), you’ll need to choose what to focus on to start the business on the right path. At this point you may need guidance on how to implement and use your new approaches.

If you want business growth and prosperity, and more freedom for yourself you need help making the time. This change in thinking can begin to work in as little as 2 hours per week – with the right mindset.

For a FREE consultation on how to get that mindset going to grow and improve your business, give Bowersox Business Coaching a call!, Phone (269) 203-6616,